Saturday, April 14, 2012

In which shit gets real

Right. So...

I'm sort of scared.

Order of the Solar Temple? Pretty scary stuff. If you want details, there's a wikipedia page. But cliff notes is that they're a cult. From Sweden or France or Canada or something. I know those are three different places but it's been a long day. They are kind of nasty though. Lots of murder/suicides. Often with children.

And there is an awful lot of fire.

I found a blurb on a random website about how there was an american chapter formed, but it's sort of vague. I don't really know what this has to do with anything, but it does not bode well.

If this is the cult that's going to take all these kids...

We're all very very screwed.

Well, good news. I got a job at that toy store. Yay.

I had to have something good to put here.


  1. When confronting insane cultists, it's good to remember that while everything they do seems nuts, it all makes complete sense within their own internal logic.

    Identify the nature of their logic and how it applies. Then use it against them. This will be harder than it looks. All cults have ideals they pay Lip Service to, and then ideals that they actually stand by.

    Be smart about this. Identify any law enforcement in your area that is untainted, and make use of it. Arm yourself as necessary. You are one person. To act as one hundred will require careful strategy. Do not fail.

    1. Right...uh... I wasn't going to be quite as 'nuke it from orbit' as you are suggesting. But I imagine this is good advice. The main issue right now is that I have a cult, but no idea who they are. Or where they are. Or what they're doing.

      Oh damn it. I'm going to have to talk to Lazarus. Thank you for that epiphany, Amalga.

      But no really, you're great.

    2. AJ. This isn't a game. These are people who KILL CHILDREN in search of enlightenment. "Nuke the Site From Orbit" IS the only way to be sure. They will kill the children, and kill you if you get in the way, and they might just find a way to raise you from the dead JUST to kill you a second time.

      Do NOT screw around, and not NOT take this with anything less than complete seriousness.

    3. Nick, chill the fuck out. She's not a weird-smelling jack of all supernatural trades like you. Sometimes fighting isn't an option, y'know?

      Good thinking on Lazarus, AJ. Stay safe.

    4. I am going to be mean for a second.

      I. AM. NOT. A. CHILD.

      And I do not think it is the only way. I'm not saying that I'm going to go bake them cookies or anything, but I don't think that a massacre is the solution either. Weren't you the one who kept on telling me about third options?

      Thank you very much for your concern, but I am fully aware of how serious this situation is. And I will deal with it as I see fit.

    5. Damn it, I didn't mean it like that. I don't think you should KILL Them. Making them suffer would be nice, but even then, you're NOT a killer, and I don't want you to become one.

      But find your third option, and find it fast. These are not people to be trifled with, and unlike faceless monsters... people don't have to follow any rules, and are perfectly fine with drawing a gun and shooting you dead on the spot.

    6. And dead is bad.

      Please ignore my poorly timed humor. I think I use it just to make sure it still exists. I'll find it. Worry as little as possible. Since I know you will at least a little bit.

    7. I died once!

      It didn't stick. got bored.

    8. Konaa. I will beat you with a two-by-four. It will be a cosmic two-by-four of the ancients, and it will hurt.

    9. Not that that wouldn't be amusing to watch, Sagey, but I think AJ might be a tad better off listening to her gut instinct. You're still in "KILL ALL THE BAD GUYS" mode, and your deductive reasoning is fucked all to hell. You aren't exactly in the best place to be giving advice right now.

  2. Hey, A.J.
    Just got caught up on your life (man, that sounds creepier than I meant it too...)
    There's been a long patch of radio silence here. I'm hoping you're just busy at work and have forgot to update us... Be safe.