Sunday, February 19, 2012

In which I am not dead

I sort of feel bad about leaving you without notice, since that's actually a possibility. At least it was. Guess what guys?


I have never been so happy about 'it probably won't come back. maybe' but I am now. Even though I am pretty sure it will come back. Because this isn't exactly natural causes is it? I'm still thrilled though. I had a bit of a chance to be all normal and stuff. Which was amazing.

Actually, I probably would have abandoned you guys. Sorry. I mean it. The thing is, something happened, and once again this is the only place I can properly talk about it.

I saw Lazarus.

I was taking a walk by my house, and there he was outside the playground. I'm sort of suprised no one called the police on account of him being a creeper. Because he was just standing there, watching the kids. I seriously thought about just leaving him alone. But I didn't. Sort of regret that now.

And now we shall return to a timeless format!

Lazarus: AJ, well isn't this a surprise.
Me: You're a block from my house. Which you know. Didn't you promise me that we wouldn't meet again?
Lazarus: There was a moment of weakness on my part. However, I am not here because of you.
(he looks over at the kids for a moment.) How is your own battle going?
Me: Remission.
Lazarus: That's good to hear.
Me: So which kid are you here to 'protect'?
Lazarus: All of them.
(I think I just sort of stared at him for a minute)
Lazarus: He'll pick a few that he considers his, of course. But one way or another, all of those children are going to be trapped somewhere. And then he'll come.
Me: What makes you think this?
Lazarus: I've seen it before. I know what to look for. Of course, at this point I'm far too outnumbered. I don't know how to stop this.
Me: Wait. People are doing this? Who?
Lazarus: Atropos.
Me: Who's that?
Lazarus: I like your new coat. It's very nice.

Then he left. I hate him. I hate him so much.

What I think I hate most of all is that for some stupid reason, I can't just let that be it.

Which Lazarus probably knew.

I hate him.