Saturday, April 14, 2012

In which shit gets real

Right. So...

I'm sort of scared.

Order of the Solar Temple? Pretty scary stuff. If you want details, there's a wikipedia page. But cliff notes is that they're a cult. From Sweden or France or Canada or something. I know those are three different places but it's been a long day. They are kind of nasty though. Lots of murder/suicides. Often with children.

And there is an awful lot of fire.

I found a blurb on a random website about how there was an american chapter formed, but it's sort of vague. I don't really know what this has to do with anything, but it does not bode well.

If this is the cult that's going to take all these kids...

We're all very very screwed.

Well, good news. I got a job at that toy store. Yay.

I had to have something good to put here.

Monday, April 9, 2012

In which a fed is helpful for once

So, a great deal of nothing has happened. I have been sporadically looking for work. Just as sporadically signing up for school. I would think that my brush with death would make me want to participate more in life. Well, it sort of does, but now I want to go out and explore the world. I don't have as much patience for the boring day to day stuff. And I didn't have that much patience to start with.  I do have a couple interviews, including one at that toy store I went to with Anya. But aside from that, nothing's been going on.

Except for yesterday, when I ran into our favorite federal agent.

I was in Georgetown, having a checkup to make sure that everything was ok. There's a salad place down near there that I like to go to. They serve the salad in awesome wooden bowls and have organic sodas and they're just kind of weird and hippielike. Which I enjoy. So I was hanging out there, and there he was. Right behind me.

Me: What are you doing? Are you following me?
A.F.: No, I'm eating lunch.
Me: So I'm supposed to believe this is just weird coincidence?
A.F: It is weird coincidence.
Me: I'm not buying it.
A.F.: I don't really care if you do. However, since you're here I need to ask you what you've been up to.
Me: I haven't been up to anything.
A.F.: You start talking about how you are researching Atropos on your blog, and then you don't post for several weeks. That's almost always a sign that you're up to something.
Me: You read my blog?
(I might have gotten a bit sputtery here)
Me: No, I just forgot again. Do you know who Atropos is?
A.F.: AJ, you are a unique individual. You are one of the few people who has ever made him go away, even temporarily. People are going to try to use you-
(I sort of interrupted him here)
Me: Including you.
A.F.: Including me. Do you really want to throw yourself into more of that?
Me: Yes. Yes I do.
A.F.: You're going to get in too deep one of these days.
Me: I sort of feel like I already am. But if Lazarus was right, children are going to die. And not entirely because of him. Because of people. You can stop people. Please help me?
(I am never really sure if I'm saying the right thing to him, or if he's going to shoot me in the head in the middle of a salad shop. It's sort of difficult to talk to him, actually. But this time I seemed to be ok. Because he kinda sorta helped.)
A.F.: You're looking in the wrong place. Try the Order of the Solar Temple.

And that's all he would say to me. I tried to talk to him, but he just ate his salad and left. I have a lead though. Which means more research, on top of all the other stuff. yay.