Saturday, March 3, 2012

In which I need a hippie van.

I saw my first cherry blossom of the year today. I was taking a walk and there it was, among a bunch of other trees that hadn't bloomed yet. There is still something beautiful and comforting about those trees. Funny that a plant saved my life, but it did. And every once in a while, I just love to see them.

I'll probably be needing that boost, too. I've been trying to look for this mysterious Atropos person. So far nothing. At this point I might have to actually talk to Lazarus. Oh please whatever deity exists, don't make me do that.

I did manage to google Atropos though. It's a fate! She's one of three sisters who determine the fate of mankind (and the gods maybe? It got confusing). Atropos is the one who cuts the thread of life. Which sort of means that she's the person who kills everybody.

That's a cheery image.

At the very least, I am probably looking for a girl. Because girls might take the names of male mythical figures, it doesn't usually happen the other way around.

I feel like a detective now.

All I need to do is keep Anya out of this. She has been asking me questions, and I think she suspects something. I really don't want to pull her into this again.

Though that might be because I doubt I'd be able to save her this time.

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  1. She's the one that ends it all. Anya might be better off knowing, in the end.